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Global Day of Code Retreat 2016

Por Noviembre 9, 2016Noticias

The best thing of this event is the realization of the urge and willingness to become better as software developers. That by itself pays off the time invested on this special day.

By Germán González Arriagada

Coding Conway’s “Game of Life”
This year we met again, as we did on 2015 at Nisum Chile offices, on Saturday, October 22nd. We started as usual at 09:00 AM. The day flew as fast as a breathe.

Practicing Software Development and Design is a energy consuming labor, that’s why we had food and beverages to supply our energy need. And the day went so fast. By the time we realize the event was done we still wanted to continue developing!


Mob Programming: our last iteration
Connecting with other people around the world was a exciting moment to say hello and share our learnings. This year we talked with about 10 other cities. From Europe to California.

This year our sponsors gave away four programming books: Working Effectively with Legacy Code, Agile Software Development, The Pragmatic Programmer and Continuous Delivery. Awesome! Thanks Nisum Chile, Synaptic and Magnet!

And we went past doubling the attendance this year. From 10 to 25 people came. And we had women attending. An honor. We are proud of all who came.

Thanks everybody, thanks Chile Software Craftsmanship community and see you next year!


Passion, sharing, learning

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